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Hans Rausing Charged With Unlawful Burial Following Wife’s Death

Hans Rausing, wealthy addiction philanthropist, has been charged with preventing the lawful burial of his American born wife, Eva Rausing’s body. British police released the information on Tuesday.

Eva Rausing died of “unexplained” causes, according to police, amid suspicions of a drug overdose. Her body was found in the home she shared with her husband, Hans, after police arrested him for possession of drugs when they caught him speeding through the streets of London. Eva Rausing’s body had been lying deceased for four days.

An initial autopsy of the body was inconclusive. Hans Kristian Rausing was arrested initially in connection with his wife’s death. He and police await further test results to determine Eva Rausing’s cause of death. In the meantime, British police have charged Mr. Rausing with “preventing the lawful and decent burial of the body of Eva Rausing on or before” his arrest on July 9. Hans Kristian Rausing has been receiving medical treatment since that time. He and his wife, Eva, were addiction advocates and philanthropists who met each other in an American drug rehab facility over twenty years ago.

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