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Holidays Tough For Depressed Individuals

Holidays Difficult for Struggling Individuals

The holiday season can be a lonely and depressing time. This feeling can be disconcerting when everyone else is having a good time, and creates an increase in visits to hospital emergency rooms from people who are depressed or have engaged in self-destructive behavior.

“For those who have no support system, no friends, family, loved ones or even coworkers, the holidays can prove very deadly. Everywhere, there are signs of gatherings, gift exchanges, happiness and love. If you are not experiencing what the rest of the world is enjoying, it is very bitter,” said Dr. Mark DeSilva, medical director of the Emergency Department of Gottlieb Memorial Hospital.

DeSilva sees a lot of people during the holidays who are hurting physically and emotionally.

“The holidays bring out desperate behavior in unstable individuals and they frequently end up in the emergency department as a medical emergency.”

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