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How Addiction Affects the Brain, Part 1

The Brain: A Terrible Thing to Waste

How do we improve addiction treatment? In this video, Dr. Adam Biancini identifies three critical scientific concepts for understanding addiction. In extensive detail, he discusses how addiction affects the brain through homeostasis, neuroadaptation, and cellular memory.

addiction affects the brain

How Addiction Affects the Brain

Addiction inhibits the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which affects the pleasure center of the brain. In fact, this region becomes the dominating force driving the cravings to use drugs or alcohol repeatedly over a long period. When someone abuses drugs long-term, it’s easy for that person to build up a tolerance for the drug and use it at higher doses.

Dr. Biancini discusses what goes on in the brain while addiction dominates the brain. He touches on how the spirit, soul, and body are intertwined, while also playing a crucial role in the recovery process. Watch the video below and learn more about how addiction affects the brain.

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