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How Christian Addiction Recovery Programs Can Help You


Addiction to drugs and alcohol consume every aspect of your life. It destroys your health, your relationships and your career. Can you imagine how wonderful your life could be without drugs and alcohol as the main character? Making the choice to enter a Christian addiction recovery program is a positive first step in embracing a fresh new start.

Christian addiction recovery programs focus on the holistic approach to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The holistic approach is making sure the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your health are restored. This symbiotic way ensures the best chance for achieving and enjoying long-term sobriety.

Through daily Bible study, prayer groups and individual and group therapy sessions, Christian addiction recovery programs aim to address the underlying reasons for the addiction. It is important to understand why you turned to drugs and alcohol. Addiction is often accompanied by low self-esteem, depression and other mental and emotional issues. Facing those issues head-on are often the first step in recovery from your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Many people shy away from Christian addiction recovery programs because they are unsure of what it is all about. Simply put, it is about God’s love and forgiveness of your sins and your mistakes. We are all sinners and nobody is perfect, but we are all God’s children and He will not forsake you, even in your darkest hour. It is about learning to forgive yourself and move forward with strength, courage and determination to rebuild your life. It is possible to enjoy a rich and full life free of the chains of addiction.


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