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How Christian Addiction Treatment Can Help You Detox From Opiates

Opiate addiction is a destructive existence. An addiction to prescription painkillers touches every part of your life, affects your health, your career and your relationships. Only with a quality Christian addiction treatment program can you be assured of conquering your dependence on these drugs. Christian addiction treatment is similar in many ways to a secular treatment program. But the subtle and distinct differences go a long way in helping addicts detox from opiates and placing them on the road to recovery. With the grace and forgiveness of God, and the experienced staff of a Christian drug treatment program, people addicted to opiates can put their trust into the recovery process. The detox from opiates is never an easy proposition, but with the guidance of medical professionals and pastoral counselors, it is made much easier in a Christian addiction treatment program. Faith plays a significant role in helping the addict achieve their desired goal of freedom from opiate addiction, but detox is only the first step. With prayer, Bible study, and reflection, addicts learn to rely on God’s grace and love to bolster their recovery. Many people who enter a Christian addiction treatment program have little or no exposure to a faith or religious community. The fellowship that ensues during an addict’s time in such a drug treatment program is critical to the detox and healing from opiate addiction. Many people working towards sobriety from opiates rediscover their faith or encounter God for the first time in their life. This is a powerful experience for many, and often results in the addict wanting to work harder to overcome their addiction to opiates.

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