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How Do I Meditate on Scripture

Have you been wondering what it means to meditate? Do you know how to meditate on scripture? In this video, Pastor James, Pastor Mike, Dr. Adam Bianchini, and Pastor John of the Road to Freedom program explain some helpful ways to meditate.

Reflecting is a part of meditation. Discovering how aspects of your own life relate to characters and scriptures in the bible can be a form of meditation. By focusing on a few relatable key themes at a time, you can apply biblical teachings to your daily life. Many times this occurs naturally and subconsciously.

Can you see yourself or picture yourself as one of the characters in the bible? Often, the way we relate to scripture is God’s way of revealing Himself to us. To discover how God speaks to us through his word and how prayer and meditation can strengthen your relationship with God, watch the video below.

Each week, pastors from the Road to Freedom program provide a Q&A panel for patients to ask any questions they may have. The Road to Freedom is a faith-based recovery program that offers spiritual guidance to those suffering from addiction.

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