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How Drugs Affect the Body : Part 1 | Road to Freedom

Research for addiction treatment has come a long way since the origin of 12 steps. Treating addiction requires a multi-disciplinary approach, which narrows down to three important facets of treatment: spirit, soul, body.

While the battleground of addiction occurs in the brain, it is just as important to treat addiction through spirit, soul and body. When addicts don’t receive treatment that addresses all three facets, they may lose control, relapse, and get pinned down in captivity and bondage by their addiction.

This may raise several questions: How can spirituality address feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse? How can psychology of the mind and soul change behaviors? How can we provide a better medical approach for those suffering from the physical effects of addiction?

Find out how in part one of the series, “How Drugs Affect the Body”. In this dynamic and powerful video presentation, Dr. Adam Bianchini, the director of medicine for The Road to Freedom program, explains how treating the multi-faceted problem of addiction requires faith with a multi-faceted solution.

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Dr. Adam Bianchini - How Drugs Affect The Body

If you or someone you know is seeking faith-based addiction treatment, The Road to Freedom program can provide spiritual guidance. Call us at (844)402-3605, our admissions counselors are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dr. Adam Bianchini is the Medical Director of Road to Freedom. He has classes daily on life in recovery and provides medical oversight to the detox and stabilization of our patients.


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