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Humility in Recovery for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

The importance of humility in recovery for alcoholics and addicts is without parallel. Unless individuals admit they cannot drink or use and enlist the help of God to conquer their disease, there is little hope that they will survive the physical brutality and dangerous consequences of their addiction.

The emphasis on destroying pride is a key topic. One pastor at a well known Christian rehab sums up the importance of pride in the following way, “Pride will kill you. Pride will make you an adversary of God and God will win. You better humble yourself. Jesus himself humbled himself to the point of being spit at, beaten, stripped naked, and nailed to a cross. Alcoholics must lose the egos, lose the agendas, and get on their faces before God and cry out to him.”

Recovery from addiction is not without emotional pain, trials, and tribulations. Often, life on life’s terms don’t measure up to the recovering addict’s expectations. When they are faced with such emotionally challenging moments, it is important to recognize who is in charge and humble themselves before Him.

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