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Reginald Osborne: “I Feel Loved and Welcomed in This Place”

At the Bethel Family and Youth Resource Center in Newark, New Jersey, Muslims and Christians worship together. The pastor, Reginald Osborne, wants Muslims and Christians to pray and sing in this church.

“I feel love and welcomed in this place,” said Minister Michael Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. “This man (Osborne) loves us so much that he’ll wear down any resistance that might come against him.”

A Sunday service at the church is different than many other churches. On one wall, the twelve steps are listed on a poster. A diagram of the human body and how drugs and alcohol affects the organs hangs near the pulpit. This is a drug treatment church that is active in the community.

Pastor Osborne is dedicated to helping addicts get treatment. Osborne is known by judges and probation officers who frequently send addicts to Bethel for a special kind of spiritual treatment program.

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