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I Only Return to God When I’m in Need, What Does He Think of Me

Have you ever thought there was more you could be doing to gain God’s love? Do you think you’ve done so much damage that He may love you less? In this video, you’ll see Dr. Bianchini, Pastor John, and Pastor Mike explain what it means to grow in relationship with God and how God’s love for us extends far beyond our faults.
If you think of your close relationships with your family or significant other, you know that it’s easier to break those close bonds the more you hang out with the wrong crowd or go out with the intent to get drunk and high on drugs. The more time you spend away from your close loved ones, the more likely you’ll have a broken relationship. Your relationship with God functions the same way.
Life ebbs and flow. Some days you will feel more spiritual than others; yet, it’s ultimately up to you to choose to grow in strength, faith and courage towards God or drift further and further away from Him.
Have you heard these song lyrics before? “It’s not about what I’ve done, but what’s been done for me. It’s not about where I’ve been, but where my brokenness has brought me to…”
What actions has God taken to get you to where you are now? Can you seek him during both the good and the bad times? Of course! Watch the video below from Dr. Bianchini, Pastor John, and Pastor Mike to discover what God really thinks of us during the good and the bad times.

Each week, pastors from the Road to Freedom program provide a Q&A panel for patients to ask any questions they may have. The Road to Freedom is a faith-based recovery program that offers spiritual guidance to those suffering from addiction.

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