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Jeff Conaway: Death Not Attributed To Addiction

 Death of Jeff Conaway

Although he struggled for years with drug and alcohol addiction, an autopsy report released this week did not blame addiction for actor Jeff Conaway’s death. Jeff Conaway died at age 60 in May. The Los Angeles County coroner’s report specified a number of contributing factors to his death. These factors include septic emboli, aortic valve endocarditis, coronary artery disease, pneumonia and encephalopathy.

Conaway was in the hospital for more than two weeks when he died. Although Conaway had long had an addiction to illegal and prescription drugs and alcohol, he was rushed to the hospital on May 10 after he was found unconscious in his home. He had been recovering from back surgery at the time and was also suffering from pneumonia and sepsis. He remained in a coma until his death on May 27, a day after his family removed him from life support.


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