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Synthetic Drugs: Kentucky Governor Signs Synthetic Drug Bill

Synthetic Drugs Bill

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signed House Bill 481 this week banning synthetic drugs. The new law targets substances often sold as bath salts and potpourri.

“This measure will curtail underground chemists from tweaking a formula to get around a ban on a specific chemical substance and will a long way toward protecting our communities and our families,” said Beshear.

The new law closes legal loopholes by banning classes, not just compounds, of synthetic drugs in Kentucky. It extends seizure and forfeiture laws to retailers who sell the products. It makes sales of the products a felony for a second or subsequent offense, and makes simple possession a misdemeanor. The number of calls to poison control centers regarding bath salt use across the United States increased more than 20 times in 2011, up from 304 calls in 2010 to 6,138 so far this year.

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