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How Do You Know that Professional Addiction Treatment Is the Right Choice?

professional addiction treatment

Most of the time, professional addiction treatment begins when you choose to seek it. It’s true that many people enter rehab at the insistence of friends, family, employers or churches. Still, the choice to seek treatment is yours, even if you weren’t always on board with the idea. Professional addiction treatment counselors work with individuals of all types, and successful rehab is easier when you fully engage and work hard during the treatment and recovery processes.

Reasons Christians Might Refuse Professional Addiction Treatment— and Why They Shouldn’t

Many Christians avoid seeking treatment for drug or alcohol use until things get out of hand, like the consequences listed. They might believe that because they are Christian, they have the strength to get through their issues on their faith alone. In truth, the Bible tells us that alone, we have no strength— our strength comes from God. And, sometimes, the strength that God offers comes to us through others with the power to help.

Other common reasons why Christians don’t seek treatment for addiction is embarrassment and shame. In fact, most Christian addicts worry that someone in their family, church or community might find out about their addiction. If this concerns you, remember that recovery professionals are bound by both ethical and legal codes to protect patient confidentiality.

Also, if your participation in the community or church is especially notable, you can always explain your absence (i.e., your time in rehab) to a few key people. You should never let what others think prevent you from getting help and starting your recovery. After all, Christians are taught not to judge and to love each other. The amount of support you receive might even surprise you. And, if you don’t receive support, it’s still critical to seek professional addiction treatment if you are struggling. Being judged for entering rehab to better yourself is a sign that, perhaps, you need to find and be part of a better church community.

professional addiction treatment

Are You Ready for Professional Addiction Treatment?

You don’t have to check off certain traits to be “ready” for professional addiction treatment. If drugs or alcohol are interfering with your life or putting you or your loved ones at risk, then it’s time to seek treatment. Ask yourself the following questions. Are you…

…unable to say no to drugs or alcohol?

…drinking at all times of the day or when you’re alone?

…showing up high or drunk to church, work, or family events?

…engaging in illegal activity because of your use of drugs or alcohol?

…letting alcohol or drug use get in the way of other things in your life?

…lying, stealing or cheating to hide or fund your use of drugs or alcohol?

…skipping work, social engagements or church to hide your intoxication from others?

…experiencing physical symptoms when you haven’t used drugs or alcohol for a while?

…using more and more drugs or alcohol to get drunk, get high, or relieve physical symptoms?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, then professional addiction treatment is the right choice for you.

professional addiction treatment

The Right Time for Professional Addiction Treatment

When it comes to addiction, things will only get worse. Without experienced intervention, the situation won’t get any better. Even if you believe you have a firm handle on your “problem,” or that you “can stop anytime,” you really don’t have as much control as you might believe.

As Christians, we recognize the truth behind the phrase “There go I but for the grace of God.” Still, even Christians who believe in and love Christ can find themselves facing the severe consequences of drugs or alcohol. And, failing to seek help now could result in:

  • Ongoing and even permanent damage to organs or systems within the body
  • Legal troubles if you are caught with illicit drugs or driving under the influence
  • Further use of substances that continue to degrade your physical and mental health
  • Damaging or losing relationships with friends or family members, especially if you are trying to hide your substance abuse from others
  • Losing your job, which can happen if your superiors catch you using drugs even if you are showing up every day and performing as required

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