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Lack of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Beds in British Columbia

 Addiction Treatment: Lack of Beds in British Columbia

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is always a difficult journey, but a shortage of addiction treatment beds only adds to the problem. Many people who want treatment in British Columbia do not get it because services are hard to come by. Far more people come out of a detox program than there are beds for the next stage in the recovery process.

“They’re bound to relapse,” said Sue Donaldson of Pegasus Recovery Solutions in Vancouver. “They aren’t treated. All they are is detoxed.”

The British Columbia Medical Association has recommended that 600 additional treatment beds be made available by 2012 and gaps in treatment services eliminated entirely.

“Whether in a detoxification center, an emergency room or their own homes, individuals often make the choice to seek treatment only to be confronted with obstacles, a lack of space, a wait list with no certain date of entry, and even unanswered phone calls,” the British Columbia Medical Association report said.

There are an estimated 400,000 people in British Columbia suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and less than 250 publicly funded treatment beds.


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