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Let’s Be Slow To Anger

Today, Pastor Phil continues his series on The Book of James by taking a look at some practical advice we are given in this all important part of scripture.

Let’s Be Slow To Anger

We live in an angry world.

Did anyone reading this get angry today?  As we look around us, you can’t avoid the anger in this world. Turn on the news. Drive in south Florida. From wars in the Middle East to wars in our homes.  We are living in some really angry times.

God is slow to anger. He doesn’t need to prove himself. He is secure in who he is and the almighty simply chooses to, amongst the chaos of this world, speak calmly and quietly, in a still small voice.

But you know who tries to roar?

The devil shows us his teeth and roars in an attempt intimidate.

You see the devil in his pride, in his insecurities, tries to prove to himself, and convince us that he is more powerful that our God. But, it simply isn’t true.

God, who is infinitely more powerful, doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. He simply whispers. Let’s all try to remember this the next time we get angry. We don’t have to show our teeth to anyone. We can simply Let Go and Let God.

Pastor Phil Dvorak

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