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Louisville Heroin Use Spikes

Because prescription painkillers are becoming increasingly harder to obtain in Kentucky, police in Louisville say they have seen a rise in the amount of heroin being abused in their city. Heroin is cheaper, easier to get, and extremely powerful, and as a result, Louisville heroin use spikes.

Initiatives by police to crack down on prescription pain pill abuse have caused a rise in the street price of pills. According to the Courier Journal, pharmaceutical companies have also made it much more difficult to abuse the pills by implementing new formulas during the manufacturing process.

So far, in 2012, Louisville police have seized 7,087 grams of heroin. This amount reflects a tremendous increase in the amount seized over the past four years. In 2008, for example, police seized 104 grams. At this time, prescription painkillers were easier to obtain, cheaper, and more potent than they are today.

This rise in heroin use is not limited to Louisville, Kentucky. According to NBC news, the entire country is experiencing the spike in heroin use.

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