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Man Recovers From Morphine Overdose

Three weeks ago, Brody Austin was clinically dead. Today, the 24 year-old Australian man is asking parents to learn the warning signs of prescription drug addiction.

Austin had taken 600 milligrams of morphine within a six hour period, more than three times the maximum recommended dose of the drug for patients suffering from severe pain. Austin suffered a heart attack and spent five days in an intensive care unit on life support. Thankfully, he was released from the hospital after twelve days and is now in a residential drug treatment center.

“The last thing I remember is eating the last bit of the tablet,” Austin said.

Austin had used alcohol, marijuana, speed and ice in the past eight years, but recently graduated to oxycontin and benzodiazepine. Last month was the first time he had ever taken morphine.

“Parents think it’s all about illegal drugs, but it’s not. Prescription drugs are just as easy to get.”

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