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Massachusetts House Approves Increased Drug Court Funding

The Massachusetts House of Representatives approved an amendment this week that would increase funding by $4 million dollars for the Department of Justice’s Drug Court Program.

Drug addiction affects every city and town in our country and reaches across every demographic. It shatters lives, breaks up families and, according to one report, costs over $600 billion annually. But drug courts have begun to make a real difference in Massachusetts by not only providing support, treatment and monitoring, but also reinforcing the grave consequences of recidivism by adopting a robust system that puts offenders in jail who refuse to get clean and who remain a threat to the public,” said Congressman Stephen F. Lynch, who sponsored the amendment.

Drug courts are designed for offenders who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and have been charged with non-violent offences, such as possession of a controlled substance. Through a combination of treatment services, mandatory drug testing, supervision, and, when necessary, imprisonment, drug courts try to treat substance abuse and reduce recidivism rates.

“Drug courts save money, reduce crime, and restore families. With addiction reaching epidemic proportions in communities throughout our country, drug court funding is critical and necessary.”

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