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Meth Now Being Made in Hotel Rooms

Tennessee made progress in 2010 in seizing and shutting down meth laboratories. But that has not, unfortunately, eliminated the danger of the meth labs. It has made those producing the drug be more creative.
“People are able to now make methamphetamine in hotel rooms,” said Dr. Jeff Guy, the director of Vanderbilt University’s Regional Burn Center.
Dr. Guy is currently treating a man who blew up his apartment and several neighboring apartments after allegedly allowing a methamphetamine lab to explode. According to Dr. Guy, people who are addicted to the “poor man’s cocaine” are growing increasingly reckless, and making the drug in densely populated residential areas, including hotels and motels.
Dr. Guy treats many people severely burned while cooking methamphetamine. Dr. Guy said that often recovering from their injuries does not deter them from returning to making and using the highly addictive drug.
“They still have a drug addiction, they still have psychiatric illness. We can’t get them into rehab for their drug addiction. We can’t get them into inpatient psychiatric care. So, what happens is we put them back on the streets, they do the same thing over again, and everybody acts surprised.”

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