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Moderate Drinking Dangerous for Diabetes and Heart Patients

According to HealthDay, a new study has found that moderate drinking may increase the risk for a heart rhythm disorder in older people with heart disease or diabetes. The disorder is known as atrial fibrillation.

An international study comprised of over 30,000 people age 55 and up with a history of diabetes or heart disease that caused organ damage. Researchers discovered that moderate alcohol use increased the risk of the heart rhythm disorder. For women, moderate drinking was defined as two drinks a day or one to 14 drinks a week. Moderate drinking in men was defined as three drinks a day, or one to 21 drinks a week.

Lead researcher Dr. Koon Teo of McMaster University stated,  “Because drinking moderate quantities of alcohol was common in our study (36.6 percent of the participants), our findings suggest that the effect of increased alcohol consumption, even in moderate amounts, on the risk of atrial fibrillation among patients with existing cardiovascular disease may be considerable,”

The study was published in the Candadian medical association journal, CMAJ.

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