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More Teenagers Admit To Driving After Smoking Marijuana

A new survey finds that 19 percent of teenagers admit to having driven under the influence of marijuana.

The survey was conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), and learned that more teenagers are driving after smoking marijuana than after drinking alcohol. Only 13 percent of teenagers said they have driven after drinking alcohol. A troubling result of the survey was that more than one-third of the teenagers admitted they did not believe being high on marijuana affected their driving.

Marijuana affects memory, judgment, and perception and can lead to poor decisions when a teen under the influence of this or other drugs get behind the wheel of a car,” said Stephen Wallace, senior advisor for policy, research, and education at SADD. “What keeps me up at night is that this data reflects a dangerous trend toward the acceptance of marijuana and other substances compared to our study of teens conducted just two years ago.”

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