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Mountain Biking Program Helps Young People Struggling With Addiction

Steve Marckley is thankful to God he is able to help others struggling with drug addiction. He was once in the same place. “I abused substances from ages 12 to 16,” Marckley said. “At 16, I had a bad psychotic breakdown because of drugs.” Marckley was able to get help through a Christian treatment program and turned his life around. He has now started a mountain biking program for young people. He hopes the program will show young people how to have fun without drugs and alcohol and also teach valuable life lessons. The program began two years ago when Marckley wanted to combine his love for mountain biking with helping teenagers and young adults at his Free, Free Indeed counseling center. “A lot of kids use drugs and alcohol to get a thrill,” Marckley said. “This gives kids an opportunity to learn that they can have fun sober.”

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