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Seasons of Hope: A Non-Profit Treatment Center for Women

In Lufkin, Texas, Christian motorcyclists raised money for the Seasons of Hope, a non-profit treatment center for women. They call themselves Warriors for Christ.

“The only way of life I knew was my addiction and it kept leading me back to prison,” said Renee Hill, who is a graduate of Seasons of Hope.

Hill, Loretta Fry and Ambra Reppond know that the program has made a profound difference in their lives.

“I was an alcoholic for about 27 years and I’ve been sober over two and a half years now,” said Fry. “I have a relationship with my children today, a relationship with God and I just have a peace and a joy.”

On their motorcycle rides, the cyclists use the opportunity to share their stories with others experiencing the same struggles.

“Everybody out here has been lost and now they’re found. Instead of running with gang bangers they run with the Lord,” said Chris Chambers.


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