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My Father’s House of Freedom Helps Addicts Recover

My Father’s House of Freedom in Jackson, Mississippi, has helped more than 400 men and women reclaim their lives from drug and alcohol addiction. But the treatment program, a part of the Vineyard Church ministry, may now be forced to close its doors because of financial struggles.
“Because there are so many people out there looking for jobs right now, temp agencies won’t take anyone with felonies,” said Sondra Armstrong. “The center is really suffering and trying to keep its head above water.”
My Father’s House of Freedom can house 22 people at one time. It uses Christian principles to teach addicts life skills, financial management and conflict resolution. The residents of the program attend church services every Sunday, while participating in counseling sessions, Bible study and addiction support group meetings.
My Father’s House of Freedom started by accident. If the center is forced to close its doors as another victim of the recession, the fear is that the church’s outreach would not be as effective.



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