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Naval Academy Cracks Down on Alcohol Abuse

Marine Corps Times reports that The Naval Academy has implemented a new alcohol policy that uses breathalyzer tests to monitor the alcohol use of its students.

The breathalyzer tests are administered to students on Friday and Saturday nights. Testing students is part of a campaign on campus to decrease alcohol abuse.

If a student fails the breathalyzer, officials will decide what type of punishment he or she receives. According to Captain Robert Clark, this program has already helped reduce alcohol related violations of school and community policy.

The tests being used are portable breathalyzers that measure the amount of blood alcohol volume based on a student’s exhaled breath. These types of breathalyzers often are inadmissible in court because they are considered inaccurate.

If a student blows past a .08 on the administered breathalyzer, he or she is flagged by an administrative staff who intervenes and may recommend substance abuse treatment.

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