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The Way Homes Project: Help Recovering Addicts

Greg and Sheri Anderson were not defeated when they tried to buy a fourth home. The bank refused because they said the Andersons, who own three homes, had too many houses. What the bank did not understand, however, is that the fourth house was to be used for the Way Homes project, a Christian ministry that helps recovering drug and alcohol addicts in Maryland.

The Way Homes project is a Christian ministry run by the Andersons. Their determination to make a difference in their community led to turning a thrift shop into a non-profit business. The proceeds of the thrift shop benefit the Way Homes project.

“I’m addicted to watching men in recovery,” said Greg Anderson. “I love to be a part of their lives.”

Greg Rich was the first resident of Way Homes. He now works to help other men in their walk with God and their recovery.

“To show the others a way to help themselves has been a blessing to me,” said Rich.


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