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New York Senator Fights Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

A New York state senator has devised a plan to fight the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse across the state.

“There are more prescription drugs on our streets and in our homes than ever. New York is experiencing an unprecedented fallout from the abuse of prescription drugs, including record numbers of overdoses, suicides, new addictions, and armed pharmacy robberies resulting in casualties,” said State Senator Kemp Hannon, who represents Nassau County on Long Island.

The report is called The Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis in New York State: A Comprehensive Approach. Hannon hopes to gain support from others in the state Legislature, drafting new laws to combat the problem in New York State. Hannon does, however, acknowledge that the solution will not be simple.

“There is no quick fix because the flaws in the current system feed into a growing crisis. We must work together to strike a balance that recognizes the relief these pills give to people suffering from chronic illnesses, while also respecting the highly addictive and dangerous qualities associated with their misuse.”

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