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New Zealand Parliament Votes No To Raise Drinking Age

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is upset that a plan he had for raising the drinking age in New Zealand has been thrown out of parliament.

After much debate, Parliament decided to keep the legal drinking age in New Zealand at 18. The voting in Parliament was as follows: 68 votes to keep the legal age at 18, and 53 votes to raise the legal drinking age to 20.

For a considerable amount of time, Prime Minister John Key has been feeling public pressure to raise the drinking age to 20. He was surprised the voting in Parliament rejected the idea. In a statement, Key said, “I am a little disappointed. I think it may have made sense(to raise the drinking age).”

The main concern for Key and other supporters of reforming the drinking age in New Zealand is young people binge drinking and the consequences that result from their alcohol abuse. He has not given up on some type of change. He feels confident that other options remain available in Parliament to curb the in New Zealand.

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