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Ohio Governor Takes Another Step To Help Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

Ohio has one of the country’s worst problems with prescription drug abuse. Now, Governor John Kasich announced that hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers have agreed to follow a set of state-issued guidelines when providing patients with prescription painkillers.

“There’s a message to those going into those emergency rooms,” said Kasich. “We’re not giving this stuff willy-nilly anymore. We’re not going to allow you to get a prescription and go out and give it to your relative or give it to some kid or give to anybody. This is a big, big deal in this battle in terms of trying to stop things from where they are dispensed. We’re making great progress in limiting the dispensing of these drugs.”

The new guidelines call for emergency department physicians to limit certain painkiller prescriptions to three-day supplies, with patients instructed to see their primary care physicians for more pills. Emergency rooms will also contact patients’ regular physicians, check medical and prescription records and work to make sure these prescriptions are not being abused.

“We’re not going to allow people to go in there and get these prescriptions and to be able to sell them. This is a huge step.”

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