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1 in 4 Mothers Believe Letting Kids Taste Alcohol is a Deterrent

A new study by RTI International and the University of North Carolina reveals that one in four mothers believe allowing their kids taste alcohol can discourage them from drinking as adolescents. About 40% of mothers believe letting children taste alcohol only encourages drinking in adolescence.

Kids Taste Alcohol

The study was published in the “Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.” Researchers explored whether or not parents introduced alcohol to their children on purpose and if so, why.

Christine Jackson, PhD, and lead author of the study states, “The idea that early exposure to alcohol can discourage a child’s interest in drinking has a strong foothold among some parents of elementary school aged children.”

This research was based on collected data from interviews with 1,050 mothers and their third grade children. The researchers will study the children for four more years and examine the results of their experiences with alcohol. They will look for a correlation between their drinking habits and whether or not they tasted alcohol at a young age.

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