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Physician Arrested For Conspiracy To Distribute Oxycodone

One of the 98 people in New York now facing charges after a federal Drug Enforcement Administration and local law enforcement raid is a physician from Great Neck, Long Island. Dr. Eric Jacobson was charged on Wednesday with conspiracy to distribute oxycodone to people he knew were diverting the oxycodone pills to addicts.

“Faced with the growing threat of prescription drug trafficking and abuse, this office and our partners have joined forces to coordinate our attack against a menace every bit as dangerous as trafficking in cocaine or other narcotics,” said Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District.

In December, Jacobson’s office was raided by Drug Enforcement Administration and Internal Revenue Service agents after an investigation learned he had allegedly prescribed thousands of pain pills to David Laffer and his wife, Melinda Brady. Last June, Laffer and Brady killed four people during a Father’s Day robbery of a neighborhood pharmacy in Medford.

“The stakes could not be higher, as reflected by the murder of four people last June during a pharmacy robbery in Suffolk County, and the December shooting death of a federal agent who tried to stop a similar robbery in Nassau County,” said Lynch.

According to federal court documents, Jacobson charged an unknown amount of people “various amounts of money” in exchange for prescription pain pills. The buyers of the pills then sold the pills for profit.

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