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Kevin Mark Denny: Physician Trading Prescription Drugs for Cocaine

A former physician from Tampa was sentenced to nearly six years in federal prison. Kevin Mark Denny, 54, bartered prescription drugs for cocaine. Denny apologized to the judge prior to his sentencing.

Denny said he was addicted to drugs, but has been clean for 15 months after the court ordered him into a treatment program after his arrest. Denny credits the program with saving his life. Denny said that his actions and his addiction went against both his oath as a physician and his deep Christian faith.

“Addiction takes over a person’s life,” Denny said.

He hopes to help other addicts. He has since surrendered his medical license.

Denny could have been sentenced to up to 20 years in prison in each of the two counts of wrongly prescribing drugs, including oxycodone.

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