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Physicians: Warn Gastric Bypass Patients Of Reduced Alcohol Tolerance

People who have gastric bypass surgery need to be warned by their physicians prior to surgery that their alcohol tolerance will be lower. The gastric bypass surgery has become a popular option for many people struggling with obesity. Dr. Peter Holt wrote in a letter to The Lancet that a warning for patients having Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery that they could have “a major difference in their capacity to handle alcohol after their surgery,” Holt said. One of the reasons for the change in alcohol tolerance is how alcohol is metabolized after gastric bypass surgery. Most physicians counsel their patients on necessary diet changes after the surgery, but many are unsure about how to begin a conversation about alcohol use. Alcohol is quickly passed into the small bowel and then is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Many patients quickly realize they must reduce or avoid altogether their alcohol intake because of the calories and carbohydrates that they add to the diet.

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