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Pill Mill Kingpin’s Sentencing Delayed Six Months

Pill Mill Kingpin

Pill mill kingpin Jeff George will not be sentenced for at least another six months on second degree murder charges in the 2009 death of a clinic patient.

George, several of his relatives and others connected to the East Coast Pain Clinic are facing federal charges from “Operation Oxy Alley,” an investigation that involved local and federal drug agents. Florida state prosecutors also charged George and two other people with murder in the death of Joey Bartolucci. The 24-year-old was found dead with half-filled prescriptions for Xanax and Dilaudid prescribed by one of East Coast Pain Clinic’s physicians.

George pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in exchange for a plea agreement that made his potential prison sentence at a maximum of twenty years. Now George will not be sentenced until June of 2012.

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