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Prescription Drug Abuse A Concern In Connecticut

Prescription Drug Abuse in Connecticut

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in Connecticut. The problem is most significant among young people.

“Grandparents do not realize they are drug dealers. Many leave their prescription drugs out on the kitchen counter. Older people don’t have an understanding of kids’ mindset,” said Allison Fulton, executive director for the Housatonic Valley Coalition Against Substance Abuse.

Prescription drug addiction has created an upswing in criminal activity in communities in the state. Prescription drug addiction has also changed the common stereotype of the drug addict.

“You used to know what the heroin addict looked like but today, it is not like that. It’s anybody,” said Detective Sergeant James Wright of the Bethel Police Department.

“The people we are arresting have an addiction, they are not people who lost their jobs.”

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