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Program Teaches Medical Professionals How to Safely Prescribe

The prescription drug epidemic has left no corner of Florida untouched. A new series in Sarasota comprised of training sessions for medical professionals hopes to help in the fight against prescription drug abuse. Safe Rx is a program designed to give “a framework for safe prescribing.” More than 70 physicians, nurses, dentists and pharmacists attended the presentation in the hopes of stemming the flow of prescription painkillers into southwest Florida. The health care professionals who attended the presentation learned how to plainly discuss the subject of pain with their patients. They also learned how to effectively communicate with law enforcement and treatment centers. “It was good to hear some objective data on what a lot of physicians are seeing subjectively,” said Dr. Jacqueline Kelly, a Sarasota pediatrician. Kelly said that the program was effective in teaching physicians how to talk to their patients about prescription drugs.

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