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Prescription Drug Abuse To Get Better Grades

Prescription Drug Abuse

Students in North Carolina are admitting that prescription drug abuse is prevalent in local high schools. Many students now attending the University of North Carolina are talking about how students are abusing prescription drugs in a quest to get better grades.

“There’s this really common belief at both East (Chapel Hill High School) and UNC that prescription drugs like Adderall or Ritalin turn you into this hyper-focused student,” said UNC freshman Ben Peltzer. “Nobody really considers that it’s a prescription drug for a mental illness, and should be treated that way.”

The pressure to perform at a high standard academically is fueling this new prescription drug abuse problem.

“Adderall was passed around like candy before tests, exams and the SAT,” said East Chapel Hill High School graduate Laurie Janzen. “The majority of my friends have bought or sold Adderall for these purposes.”

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