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Delores Mitchell: Prescription Drug Addiction is a Major Problem

Delores Mitchell hopes that her experience with prescription drug addiction will help others avoid the same story that was written for her. Mitchell spent 14 months in jail for stealing from one of the residents of the nursing home where she worked.

“I was low on money because I was spending all of my money on drugs,” Mitchell said. “And I stole a credit card from one of my residents. And it’s something I never thought I’d ever do.”

Mitchell’s addiction began the way most other people’s addiction begins – she was prescribed pain medication after surgery.

“I was taking so many Lortab a day, probably 20, the Percocet was probably six a day, and the Xanax was probably four to six a day,” Mitchell said.

A ready supply of more pain pills was merely a phone call away.

“You can get it anywhere. You can call up one of your friends and say, ‘Do you have any’?” Mitchell said.

Mitchell has not had an easy path since her release from jail. It has been difficult, as it is for many others, to find a job with a felony on her permanent record. But Mitchell is determined, with the help of her family and her Christian faith, to rebuild her life.

“If there’s somebody out there that needs help, no matter what kind of addiction it is, talk to somebody, because it not only destroys your life, but it destroys the lives around you.”


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