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Recovered Addict Finds Her Place As A Minister

Amy Gilbert, a recovered addict, has a familiar story of addiction to alcohol and drugs, but is now helping other people in her community of Lorain, Ohio, get the help they need for their addictions to alcohol and drugs. Gilbert is now an ordained minister and has been clean and sober for the past ten years. “These programs they have in Lorain County were definitely stepping stones for me,” said Gilbert. “In my ministry, I have a passion for people who are going through these struggles.” Gilbert was recently appointed to the board of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services of Lorain County. Today, Gilbert credits her strong Christian faith and loving family support for helping her to regain her physical and spiritual health. Now Gilbert wants to spend her time helping others break free from the cycle of addiction while embracing their faith at the same time. She is doing just that at her New Evangelist Ministry, which opened last month, and has been welcomed by the community. “You’ve got to want your life back,” Gilbert said. “You couldn’t pay me to go back to that lifestyle.”

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