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Recovery Prayer Wall

Recovery Prayer Wall | Road to Freedom

The Recovery Prayer Wall app was designed to aid the path of Christian Recovery. The app has multiple features including the Prayer Wall, Pastor Phil’s Corner, the Holy Bible and more. This app offers support and guidance in Christian recovery from wherever you are.

The Prayer wall features prayers from other users where you can comment or click “pray” to let them know someone hears their prayers.

Pastor Phil’s Corner is where you can receive insight from the pastors in the Road to Freedom program. This section features faith blogs, faith quotes, and faith stories.

Holy Bible offers full versions of the Bible in three translations: English Standard Version, New International Version, and New Living Translation.

My Prayers is where you can post prayers of your own to the Prayer Wall for others to offer their support in your journey.

Faith Channel features YouTube videos from the Road to Freedom program. Here you can find messages from pastors, stories of hope and upcoming events.

Resources offers a variety of recommended books to aid in your recovery.

The Recovery Prayer Wall also allows you to build your profile with the option to include your name, information about yourself, photos and prayers. This app also allows you to set a prayer reminder, where it will act as an alarm to remind you to pray everyday.

To download the Recovery Prayer Wall, click here: 

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