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Recreational Marijuana May Become Legal In Two States

Colorado and Washington states are lobbying for the legalization of recreational marijuana. Colorado has raised about $1 million, and Washington has raised $2 million in order to campaign for making pot legal for non-medical purposes in their states.

Last year, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon qualified for non-medical marijuana to be added to this November’s election ballots. Oregon has not been able to rally its citizens behind the idea, raising only about $1,000 to campaign for pot legalization.

In Washington and Colorado, the funds raised have already been used to create ads that depict the benefits of marijuana. The ads hope to convince people who have never even tried pot to support their cause. If the law passes after the election, marijuana in both Colorado and Washington would be taxed. The Federal Government does not support the idea of legalizing pot for recreational purposes. According to the Federal Government, pot is a dangerous narcotic.

Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, which hopes to find alternatives to combat the war on drugs, stated, “If one of these initiatives wins, it will really be a breakthrough. …just as there has been a federal-state conflict involving medical marijuana, we anticipate there will be similar conflicts when states begin to legally regulate marijuana like alcohol,” he said. “But the only way we think change can happen is through this process.”

The latest polls provide evidence that citizens of Colorado and Washington support the legalization of non-medical use marijuana for people ages 21 or older.

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