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Redmond O’Neal Tests Positive For Drugs In Rehab

Redmond O’Neal is in trouble once again – this time while a patient in court-mandated drug rehab. O’Neal reportedly tested positive for drugs while in the rehab facility.

“Someone snuck drugs into the rehab facility on Saturday for Redmond. He was given a drug test after he started acting suspiciously, and it came back positive for drugs,” said an unnamed source.

In August, O’Neal was arrested for heroin possession. Judge Keith Schwartz gave O’Neal, the son of the late Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal, a sentence of mandatory rehab for one year and five years probation in exchange for pleading no contest to the possession charges. The positive drug test could mean that O’Neal will be sentenced to jail time. He is due back in front of Judge Schwartz later this week.


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