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Road to Freedom Better than The Long Way Home

By Chris L. (Road to Freedom Alumni)

It had to be divine intervention. After several months sober, I found myself in a situation I was familiar with and knew I should not be there. You know what it is like. Boredom. Isolation. Drinking some cold ones while  justifying to myself  “At least it is not Wild Turkey… YET!”  Starting my third four pack of cheap sixteen ounce beers, I had a vision of where I was just several months prior. I needed a refresher rehab  and quick!

Imagine my surprise when my former rehab informed me they had no beds available. I thought wow, maybe I’m pushing for the rehab too quickly! Yeah- right! So I let my fingers do the walking and three words leapt off the page and well, they kind of hypnotized me for a spell. I was literally oblivious to the rest of the page. I saw a rehab called, “Road to Freedom”.

As if the invisible snapped its fingers bringing me back into reality, I knew with a positive affirmation why my sobriety was not steadfast. My God was on the back burner once again. A flood of information I already had in the storage banks of my mind was overwhelming my senses. God IS the only answer. Seven of the Twelve Steps have one key component: GOD! The first three steps deal directly with surrendering myself entirely to God for the addiction that I cannot control myself. Bill, Bob, and others laid out a simple plan for sobriety with God at the helm. However, if I falter at all on any of the first three, I will fail to stay sober.

The “Road Less Traveled” is championed by God first with a vital support team: four pastors; Phil, Jay , Louis, and Mike; a man who knows the correlation between the Bible and the Big Book better than any I have met, Dr. Adam Bianchini- AKA Dr. B., and of course, my therapist Elizabeth Lawton. I was fortunate enough to have her as my therapist my entire six months with TTC. My wife and I hold Elizabeth in very high esteem for her knowledge not only as a therapist but of the Bible as well.

These ministers of God were always ready to assist in the adventure that is the healing path to sobriety. Adventure, you ask? That is the only way to look at a new life. Each day gained in sobriety brings new joy, hope, and peace of mind. Let us not forget the mountains of regret, remorse, and turmoil we must overcome to get that peace of mind. Yes, sobriety is an adventure well worth taking.  Elizabeth, the pastors, and Dr.B.  enabled me through prayer and understanding to show grace as grace was shown to me, how to  forgive myself first so I am able to forgive others and of complete acceptance of who I am and hold fast to it. The Road Less Traveled with the musical leadership of Pastor Jay at Drunk Church gave me, as well as others in attendance, great emotional highs on Thursday afternoons. Enjoy it! Utilize it!

I chose  “The Road Less Traveled” – so I did not have to take “The Long Way Home” (Supertramp song, 1979)

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