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Christian Addiction Recovery: Seeing Things Clearly

At times life’s daily demands and expectations cause us to focus too intensely on the “small stuff” and to overlook the “big stuff.” In an effort to avoid tunnel vision we need to step back to see better and clearer. Khalil Gibran suggests in The Prophet, “The mountain is always clearer to the climber in the distance.”

The caution for the spiritually mindful is to avoid being so consumed in daily events that we miss the event of itself. Daily pre-occupation with life-issues can cause tunnel vision, blur our seeing, and numb our living. Ultimately we can lose our 360 panoramic view, which though always available, becomes obscured by distractions and preoccupations. For this reason, the human heart needs periodic re-awakenings for recharging, renewing, and revitalizing.I call this the process periscoping up to scan the horizon of our life from a far more significant view than our engagement in doing.

By stepping back from daily tasks and problems we can acquire a fresh, new, spiritual way of seeing and ultimately, of living. This process of retreating or being still can empower us to see our life and others differently; it’s a bird’s-eye view of our lives, relationships and dreams. Such perspective can enhance our seeing with enlightened eyes of gratitude. The ability to see and experience our inner being is awakening to the Spirit within us; it is so to speak the art of seeing broader and deeper than the looking to discover life as gift, God-given, and worth living.

So, remember it is not the length of time, the elegance of place or the prestige of people we choose “to be” with that really matter. What really matters is the quality of the presence we bring to time, places and others. This we celebrate as heightened consciousness and heartfelt gratitude.

In Loving Memory of Father Ron Beshara

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