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Service Work Keeps Alcoholics Sober, Study Reveals

New findings appearing in the journal of Substance Abuse show that alcoholics who actively participate in AA have a better chance of staying sober.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland conducted the study for ten years. They measured the Alcoholics Anonymous-related Helping effect, or the AAH effect. Lead researcher Maria Pagano said, “The AAH findings suggest the importance of getting active in service, which can be in a committed 2-month AA service position or as simple as sharing one’s personal experience in recovery to another fellow sufferer.”

Those participants who were committed to AAH did more step work and attended more meetings than those who were not committed to AAH. Pagano believes that showing an interest in others keeps alcoholics away from being overly pre-occupied with themselves. This self centeredness drives alcoholics to drink, according to Pagano.

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