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El DeBarge has struggled for years with addiction to drugs

Despite his celebrity, singer El DeBarge has struggled for years with a dangerous addiction to drugs. With a commitment to life as a Christian, DeBarge is scheduled to headline this weekend’s City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival in Las Vegas and everyone is rooting for his successful return to the spotlight. DeBarge was released from prison last summer and has, with the release of a new CD entitled “Second Chance” found renewed hope in his sober life. “I’ve been sober for two years and the way I manage my sobriety is I don’t have to,” said DeBarge in a Washington Post article in January of this year. “I don’t concentrate on trying to stay sober, I think you’re empowering the devil, to say, ‘Hey, I have a power…’ Once God makes you new, old things pass away.” Unfortunately, DeBarge did not completely conquer his addiction to crack cocaine and recently completed another time in a Christian drug treatment center. He returns to the stage with anticipation and looks forward to enjoying his sobriety.

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