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Whoonga: South African AIDS Victims Not Receiving Meds


The war on AIDS just became more complicated in South Africa. AIDS patients in that country are not receiving their medications. Instead, they are being made into ‘whoonga” – mixed with marijuana and smoked.

South Africa is the worst affected country in the world when it comes to AIDS cases. The popularity of whoonga is, at the moment, limited to one province of South Africa, but the concern of AIDS experts and addiction specialists is that it could spread to the rest of the country.

There is no proof that any ingredient of the AIDS drug cocktail is addictive or boosts the high of the marijuana. Whoonga smokers may be mistakenly believing the AIDS drugs are delivering a high, when it is simply just the marijuana.

“We are seeing the use of whoonga in communities and it’s very widespread. It’s a substance that is openly spoken about in communities,” said Lihle Dlamini of the Treatment Action Campaign, an AIDS activist group.

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