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State Medical Board May Reject Complaint Against Physician

An administrative law judge is now recommending that the Florida Board of Medicine reject a complaint against a physician who treated a 21 year old man from Wellington who died in 2007 from an overdose. Anthony Lauzerique came to Dr. John Christensen’s clinic in West Palm Beach complaining of unbearable chronic knee and back pain. Christensen was accused of violating standards of medical care by prescribing powerful painkillers. Christensen has been accused of operating a pill mill, a charge that he vehemently denies. “I know there’s pill mills out there and they don’t care,” Christensen said. “I care about my patients.” Christensen paid Lauzerique’s parents $250,000 to settle a wrongful death lawsuit, but Anthony’s parents are still angry. “It’s just unbelievable they would find it acceptable to prescribe Anthony that amount of drugs,” said Jacque Lauzerique, Anthony’s mother. “There was no medical reason. I just don’t believe they would find this unpunishable.” Anthony’s mother said there was nothing wrong with her son’s knee when he sought help from Christensen. “The only thing wrong with Anthony was he had an addiction problem and he found somebody to give him pills.”

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