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Study Reveals Benefits of Residential Treatment for Young Addicts

A new study reveals that young addicts who are motivated to stay clean and sober fare better in the long term if they attend a residential treatment program. Researchers from the Center for Addictive Medicine and the Butler Center at Hazelden analyzed data from 303 participating young addicts (ages 18-24) who attended multidisciplinary 12 step based treatment centers. They found that these young people were motivated to stay clean, but lacked the necessary confidence and coping skills to attend mutual support groups, such as AA or NA.

Treatment Centers that focus on helping these young people with psychological distress factors, such as coping skills and self-efficacy boost their chances of staying clean and sober for longer than three months.

Valerie Slaymaker of Hazelden says, “The young people in our study were quite motivated to do well in treatment but lacked the confidence, coping skills, and commitment to AA that are critical to longer-term success. Treatment appears to work by increasing their confidence and ability to make and sustain healthy, recovery-related efforts.”

These findings appear to show that young people who attend treatment gain the valuable skills necessary to help them stay motivated and integrated in a group recovery support program, such as NA or AA.

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