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Substance Abuse Poses Huge Problem On The Job

Although many people believe that people with drug addictions are not employable, the contrary is actually true.  In fact, the majority of people with substance abuse problems are active in America’s workplace, effecting all those around them on the job.

About 62% of all substance abusers have full time jobs, according to the Butler Center for Research.  The rates of problem substance abusers varies by occupation. The highest rates of illicit drug users typically occur among people in the food service industry, construction, arts, entertainment, sports and media. Last year, an estimated 2 million American workers used drugs at work. About 3 million workers used some type of drug two hours prior to going to work. Over 2 million people used substances on their lunch break last year.

Drug and alcohol use has a negative impact on productivity for U.S. workers. Of the over 300 human resources professionals interviewed for a study, 67 % believe substance use is one of the biggest problems they face with employees. This abuse effects not only the company’s reputation, but intercompany relationships, low productivity rates, absenteeism, and on the job injuries.

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